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Paragogy Workshop with Joe Corneli and Charlie Danoff

Joe CorneliJoe Corneli and Charlie Danoff tell us that “peer learning is an ancient phenomenon reinventing itself via novel 21st learning opportunities. Paragogy is a developing theory of how peers learn together. This workshop will be an extended primer in paragogy, focusing on understanding how peer learning works for participants. As a way to “practice what we preach”, we will be inviting workshop participants to collaborate on writing a long paper for the e/merge special issue journal in October exploring paragogical case studies, in order to explore how peers learn together, and how do they do it best. We will be particularly interested in exploring connections between peer learning and the spirit of ubuntu.”

Joe Corneli is completing a PhD dissertation on “Peer Supported Problem Solving and Mathematical Knowledge” at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University. He is one of the developers a new theory of peer learning, which he termed “paragogy” – i.e. peer produced education. Charlie Danoff is the Founder & CEO of Mr. Danoff’s Teaching Laboratory which tutors English and EFL/ESL to students online, consults with professional educators and publishes and shares Charlie Danoff’s Open Access papers and Open Educational Resources.

From 9-20 July: Live meetings on 10 July, 12 July, 17 July at 1 pm and on 17 July at 2 pm(South African time/ GMT+2)


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  1. Janet Salmons

    This sounds very interesting! I’ve been working on an updated “e-social constructivism.” I look forward to sharing notes! We need new theories for the digital age!

    1. Charlie Danoff

      Thanks for the kind words Janet! If you’re available please join us for our live session tomorrow! You can find more details on our workshop http://piratepad.net/paragogy-emerge

  2. chide

    Wow! In africa! Thot I was alone in this. Great man! Looking forward to networking with you.

    1. Charlie Danoff

      Thanks Chide! We’re looking forward to networking with you as well! Please join us for our live sessions! You can find more info here http://piratepad.net/paragogy-emerge

  3. Kate Whittaker

    Sounds fascinating.. will definitely follow these threads.
    Always believed the peer facilitated learning is a great way to stimulate inspiration and enable people to learn new skills.

    1. Charlie Danoff

      Hi Kate! I agree that “peer facilitated learning is a great way to stimulate inspiration and enable people to learn new skills.” do you have any examples from your educational experience to share?

  4. Joe Corneli

    To those interested in the workshop, please join the discussion here:
    but even more importantly, join us on the main coordination page (an etherpad)
    … and leave your mark!


    PS. @chide I’m actually in Germany at the moment, but I live in UK, and am from the US – slightly complicated but I’m super glad to collaborate across continents! Maybe sometime in person in Africa too, that would be great.

  5. Thula

    Hi Joe
    We are keen too to learn more about such an innovative theory-paragogy, as a new theory for a digital age, more in the line of connectivism as another emerging explanatory framework of digital age learning

    1. Charlie Danoff

      Thula: Thanks for your comment! Paragogy does have connections to Connectivism, see this Lit. review on Peeragogy for more https://docs.google.com/document/d/14GtDeiMkA61B7vPDSPGLfIzGumOyDhGIlLNcQCv0gec/edit

      What are you studying?

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