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Designing and Conducting Research Interviews Online with Janet Salmons

Janet SalmonsJanet Salmons leads on “Use What You Have! Designing and Conducting Research Interviews Online”. She will introduce key steps for designing and conducting ethical research interviews online.Without travel funds or expensive platforms, we can conduct research interviews online, using a variety of text, audio or visual types of exchanges via computer, mobile device or phone.

Janet Salmons, PhD is author/editor of Online Interviews in Real Time and Cases in Online Interview Research. She works with doctoral students at the dissertation stage as a faculty member at Capella University’s School of Business and Technology.

From 17th July – 20th July: Live Meetings on 17 July, 18 July, 19 July, 20 July at 4 pmĀ (South African time/ GMT+2)


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  1. Janet Salmons

    See the workshop outline here: http://bit.ly/NaJ831. I will post links and resources on the http://www.vision2lead.com site as the conference unfolds.

    Feel free to post questions or topics you would like me to cover!

  2. Fred Opali

    This is an interesting initiative given the reality of limited funding especially in developing countries. I will be interested in discussions that emerge from this workshop – which is evidently an eye-opener in this regard.

    1. Janet Salmons

      Exactly– no research grants and limited availability of participants locally means online research offers great options! Please join me for the discussion– people are logging in and introducing themselves– and for the workshop next week!

  3. Andy Bytheway

    Hi Janet – this is really interesting. I have a student from Rwanda who undertook interviews with hotel management in Rwanda, from Cape Town, using Google Phone. It’s a pity we only now find that you have useful experience! We will watch and participate with interest … Andy

    1. Janet Salmons

      I hope that you’ll gain some ideas that will be useful with the next student who has this situation. In addition to discussing research design and conduct, I’ll be talking about ways to teach online interview research methods– and I’ll share resources you can use. See you next week!


  4. 'Wale Oni

    This is a most welcome initiative in recent times, especially for ‘we’ new media scholars and Internet researchers. I will not like to miss your session most importantly at this point in my study where I need to decide how best to survey heterogeneous radio audience who contribute to participatory programmes aired on Nigerian FM stations. I wait in anticipation…

    1. Janet Salmons


      My work is primarily qualitative– rather than survey/quant– but perhaps you will gain some ideas about ways to follow up your surveys with qualitative approaches!

  5. Sipho Shongwe

    I really appreciate such initiatives at addressing our cash strapped centres of learning. This intiative goes a long way to prove that there is hope for research even in these hard times. I will shere this with my Faculty and the entire institution.

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