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Connected Teacher Toolkit with Bronwyn Stuckey and Maggie Verster

Bronwyn StuckeyBronwyn Stuckey and Maggie Verster lead the The Connected Teacher Toolkit Workshop.They have have carefully hand picked a few essential tools to assist you in being a connected, hip, organised, collaborative 21st century teacher. During this workshop you will communicate, discuss, share and organise resources and create a
personal learning network using popular tools such as twitter, Facebook, Diigo and Quickmark. You will also connect the tools to one another through the workshop so that you will have a connected manageable social media framework.

Maggie VersterBronwyn Stuckey is a consultant educational technologist and community of practice coach, developer and researcher. Maggie Verster is an educational technologist who isĀ passionate about the use of social media and ICT for teaching and learning and about maths and maths literacy teaching.
From 9-20 July : Live Meetings 9 July, 11 July, 13 July, 16 July and 18 July at 3 pmĀ (South African time/ GMT+2)