There will be six workshops in e/merge 2012

Nancy White

Changing Online Facilitation Practices led by Nancy White

Facilitation of online learning is now into its fifth decade. The familiar web based online  learning environments have only existed since the mid 1990s. Since then we’ve seen radical changes in the technology, pedagogy and range of practices. The boundaries are shifting from closed classrooms, communities and password protected learning management systems to open and …

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Bronwyn Stuckey

Connected Teacher Toolkit with Bronwyn Stuckey and Maggie Verster

Bronwyn Stuckey and Maggie Verster lead the The Connected Teacher Toolkit Workshop.They have have carefully hand picked a few essential tools to assist you in being a connected, hip, organised, collaborative 21st century teacher. During this workshop you will communicate, discuss, share and organise resources and create a personal learning network using popular tools such …

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Robin Good

Content Curation with Robin Good

Robin Good leads the Content Curation Workshop which is designed to illustrate the relevance of curation practices and tools for the education world. Robin explains his plan: “In the first session I will explain and illustrate what curation is, why it is so relevant for the future of education and learning, what’s changing that makes …

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Janet Salmons

Designing and Conducting Research Interviews Online with Janet Salmons

Janet Salmons leads on “Use What You Have! Designing and Conducting Research Interviews Online”. She will introduce key steps for designing and conducting ethical research interviews online.Without travel funds or expensive platforms, we can conduct research interviews online, using a variety of text, audio or visual types of exchanges via computer, mobile device or phone. …

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Andrew Deacon

Learning Analytics – Hiking into Worlds of Data with Andrew Deacon and Michael Paskevicius

Andrew Deacon and Michael Paskevicius convene the Learning Analytics Workshop – Hiking into Worlds of Data.This workshop runs as a series of daily postings following themes in analytics. The focus is on supporting educational researchers wanting to develop new ways to collect, analyse and interpret data collected from environments where learning is taking place. The first …

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Joe Corneli

Paragogy Workshop with Joe Corneli and Charlie Danoff

Joe Corneli and Charlie Danoff tell us that “peer learning is an ancient phenomenon reinventing itself via novel 21st learning opportunities. Paragogy is a developing theory of how peers learn together. This workshop will be an extended primer in paragogy, focusing on understanding how peer learning works for participants. As a way to “practice what …

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