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Professor Laura Czerniewicz

 Associate Professor Laura Czerniewicz  

Director of Open UCT, University of Cape Town

Open Scholarship and what it means for African Universities

The scholarly research and teaching landscape is being fundamentally changed by technological affordances, open practices and the rise of Web 2.0 scholarship. Scholarly content and communication are changing, as summarised in this bird’s eye view of the traditional research cycle.

This presentation will discuss the changes happening in the opening scholarship and opening teaching terrain, and will highlight the perspectives of African universities with their particular contexts, constraints and opportunities.

An educator, researcher and strategist, Associate Professor Laura Czerniewicz has worked in the field of educational technology at the University of Cape Town for over a decade, previously working in education and publishing in Zimbabwe and South Africa. She was the founding Director of the Centre for Educational Technology at University of Cape Town and is currently the Director of the OpenUCT Initiative which is committed to sharing scholarly knowledge resources to all with internet connectivity and engaging globally with the open education agenda and scholarly communication issues from a Southern perspective. Her research interests include open education, digital scholarship, students’ digitally-mediated practices, digital identities, scholarly communication,  mobile learning and the field of learning technology as a scholarly domain. She blogs at http://www.lauraczerniewicz.co.za and tweets as @czernie .