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Continue reading »]]> e/merge 2012 – Open to Change was the fourth virtual conference on educational technology in Africa and built on the e/merge conferences in 2004, 2006 and 2008. e/merge 2012 took place online from 9 – 20 July 2012. The conference was primarily designed to share good practice and knowledge about educational technology innovation within the further and higher education sectors in the region, as well as to strengthen communities of researchers and practitioners.

In African universities educational technologists and educators who teach with technology are confronted with rapid and persistent changes including policy and institutional change, improving infrastructure and bandwidth, disruptive technologies, emerging digital practices and pedagogies, expanded use of mobile and social media,and the rise of the open education and open research movements. e/merge 2012 focuses primarily on how the use of educational technology in African universities is responding to (and sometimes anticipating) profound changes in the environment experienced by university management, educational technologists, educators and students.

The conversations in e/merge 2012 engaged with the African context of unequal access to technology and to education within a global context of changes in teaching and learning tools and practices. Thus we will also considered proposals relating to emerging practices in educational technology use globally and to the effective use of educational technology in primary and secondary education in Africa. Proposals from colleagues in other regions were also welcomed.

Who was the conference for?
e/merge 2012 was primarily for educational technology researchers and practitioners based in Africa. Participants from other regions who had an interest in the use of educational technology in Africa were also warmly welcomed.

Who organised the conference?
e/merge 2012 was organised by the Centre for Educational Technology at the University of Cape Town and funded by the Ford Foundation.

What is an online conference?
In a conventional conference everyone travels to one physical location to debate conference papers and to network. In an online conference we use a website as the conference venue. We can view selected presentations, read conference papers, share useful resources, take part in debate, share best practices and network informally.

Mostly these online meetings are spread over a few days to allow us the flexibility to take part when we choose. There will also be some live meetings online which enhance the sense of shared presence and energise the conference. Overall, an online conference creates opportunities for rich conversations which grow knowledge in a community involving experts and practitioners.

Beyond e/merge2012

After the end of the e/merge2012 conference, another forum with smaller seminars on educational technology has appeared, know as e/merge Africa. For more information, please go here.

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Continue reading »]]> We have five excellent keynote speakers confirmed:

Nnenna Nwakanma

Nnenna Nwakanma, Information and Communication Consultant : 

From Kilimanjaro to the Rift Valley: A sneak view of openness in education through an African’s eyes

Victor Mbarika

Professor Victor Mbarika, Executive Director, International Center for IT and Development, Southern University, USA

A Good Farmer Should Not Complain of His/Her Tools: Using A Hybrid E-Learning Approach at The ICT University to Reach Thousands in Developing Nations

Yacine Atif
Associate Professor Yacine Atif, College of Information Technology, United Arab Emirates University

Instructional design patterns in a conversational learning model

David Theo Goldberg
Professor David Theo Goldberg, Director of the University of California Humanities Research Institute 

Networking Knowledge: Globalizing Connected Learning

Laura Czerniewicz
Associate Professor Laura Czerniewicz, Director of Open UCT, University of Cape Town

Open Scholarship and what it means for African Universities

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Continue reading »]]> Online Registration for e/merge 2012 will open here on Thursday 26th April at noon (South African time). Our apologies for the delay from the originally advertised date.

Online Facilitation course: Week Two of the Facilitating Online course is about to start. Of the 50 applicants we selected 22 participants from universities spread across Southern, East and West Africa including a combination of full time educational technologists and educators who teach with technology

e/merge and plans for piloting a network of educational technologists across African universities will feature at the Centre for Educational Technology stand at eLearning Africa from 23 – 25 May.

Exciting news about keynote speakers will appear in the next post in this blog.

Online Facilitation Course http://emerge2012.net/online-facilitation-course/ Fri, 09 Mar 2012 03:26:25 +0000 http://emerge2012.net/?p=26

Continue reading »]]> We invite applications from educational technologists and educators based at African universities by 21st March 2012 to participate in a free five week course in online facilitation funded by the Ford Foundation. A maximum of 20 participants can be accommodated.

Course participation will be entirely online and will require 8 hours of participation per week. Facilitating Online was developed by the Centre for Educational Technology at University of Cape Town and is registered as a short course at the University of Cape Town. A certificate of completion will be awarded for successful completion of the course and specified online facilitation activities within nine months after the course.  Details of the course are available for downloadPlease address all applications and queries to facilitationcourse@emerge2012.net